McNutt Law Firm was founded in 2004 by Dan McNutt. Based in Las Vegas, they have effectively represented a wide range of clients in complex business, commercial, and civil litigation within the federal and state courts in Nevada.

McNutt Law Firm is a boutique law firm focused on quality, cost-effective representation tailored to the specific needs of the client – individuals and companies (local, national, and international) – facing litigation or disputes in Nevada. The firm’s goal is to obtain the best possible result for the client without the waste, inefficiency, or redundancy of oversized and overstaffed firms.

When you hire Dan you are dealing with him directly as your counsel. The firm’s continued success and growth is a direct result of his personalized representation.

Actions will always be diligently prosecuted or defended through jury and/or bench trials. However, McNutt Law Firm recognizes that litigation is not always in the clients’ best interest, and has ample experience resolving disputes through settlement negotiations, mediation, and arbitration.